Edwina Cheng. a Registered Shiatsu Practioner with over 15 years experienceis passionate about helping others experience positive change and a sense of well being.


She offers Zen Shiatsu,Seated Acupressure (Onsite) Shiatsu and Natural Facial Rejuvenation, to women only, in Bromley, Blackheath and surrounding areas.

Shiatsu treatments can take place at the Shiatsu Space clinic, Bickley, at your home or office


SHIATSUis a highly respected, Japanese holistic treatment which is given through clothes.

Shiatsu supports and strengthens the natural ability of our body, mind and emotions to heal and balance themselves.As we move towards greater health and a sense of well-being, our ability to manage the many demands placed on us improves.


Deeply relaxing yet invigorating

Creates a feeling of tranquillity, wellbeing and balance

Promotes the free flow of energy and blood circulation

Eases deep seated tensions on a physical and emotional level


Shiatsu is great if you want to maintain your current good health and may help to alleviate a variety of conditions including:



shoulder and neck pain

general muscular tensions


digestive problems

low energy levels



mood swings



lack of focus and feeling 'pulled on all directions

menopause related symptoms


relax, release, revitalise, reconnect


step into a place of stillness, where you can just be

take time out for yourself

a break from routine

replenish your energies

as physical and emotional tensions ease

step into a more vibrant essence of you


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