What is Shiatsu?

Based on the same 'Traditional Chinese Medicine' principles as acupuncture, Shiatsu is often known as acupuncture without needles. Literally it means 'finger pressure' ('shi' meaning 'finger' and 'atsu' meaning 'pressure').

The Shiatsu session begins with a consultation to gain a deeper understanding of the individual followed by a diagnosis of current energy flows. This enables the Shiatsu Practitioner to give a personalised treatment using a range of techniques and approaches appropriate for that individual.

The main features are:

- receiver wears loose, light clothing; no oils are used

 - relaxed perpendicular pressure along energy channels and acupuncture and stress release points

- gentle stretching to stimulate circulation and encourage the release of tensions

Shiatsu Space offers Zen Shiatsu and Seated Acupressure Shiatsu.

Zen Shiatsu is afull body treatment. You receive Zen Shiatsu whilst laying on a comfortable futon in whatever position is most comfortable for you (on your back, front or side). Supportive cushions may be used to enhance your comfort. 

Shiatsu side position                  Sarah photos 1.jpg

Seated Acupressure Shiatsu is a perfect solution for those wanting to receive Shiatsu in the workplace, at events or simply because you prefer the seated position. As you relax into a supportive massage chair, the Shiatsu Practitioner uses a variety to techniques to enourage the pockets of physical and emotional tension in your neck, back, head and shoulders to soften and release...feel revitalised as your energies come back into balance...


Seated Shiatsu