Shiatsu in Pregnancy, Postnatal Period and to Encourage Labour

Shiatsu encourages the release and relief of physical and emotional tensions related to pregnancy.

At conception and during pregnancy a woman's deeper reservoirs of energy are drawn upon to prepare her body to support her growing baby. Nourishing both body and mind enables the best, balanced production of natural energy for mother and baby during pregnancy, labour and the post natal period. Shiatsu encourages an increased sense of connectedness to your whole birth journey which promotes greater feelings of empowerment whatever arises.

Our Pregnancy Maintenance Packages are an ideal way to look after your physical, emotional and mental health throughout your pregnancy and postnatal period. 

Shiatsu may help to alleviate the discomfort of many conditions that arise during pregnancy and postnatally, including:

morning sickness
muscular discomfort
lack of energy
breastfeeding difficulties


Shiatsu for Post-natal Period

Experience the restorative power of Shiatsu.

The postnatal period is an important yet often overlooked transition time for the new mother, father and baby. The mental, emotional and physical energy required to birth will have depleted the woman's reserves of chi (natural energy).  If time is not allowed for rest and the rebalancing of energies, particular conditions may arise such as postnatal depression, difficulties breastfeeding, constipation and persistent lochia.

In our modern Western society, little thought is given to the recovery of the mother after baby is born. It's often a matter of getting back into the normal swing of things as soon as possible.

In many Eastern cultures, including the traditional Chinese Medicine model, the post-natal period lasts for 6 weeks directly following childbirth. It's considered vital that during this period, the mother concentrates on regaining her strength and rebalancing her energies which have been depleted during the 9 months of pregnancy and childbirth.

You may start receiving Shiatsu after birth. Treatments will vary depending on what you need and how long after childbirth you are seen. Appropriate postnatal exercises and advice can be given.

You may bring your baby with you as Shiatsu can be received with your baby lying next to you. Alternatively a home visit can be arranged.


Shiatsu for Induction

This treatment can be offered from the 38th week.

For labour to progress, your body and mind must be open and relaxed. If muscles are tense or tight or we have conscious or subconscious negative perceptions or fear about childbirth, this can interfere with our ability to trust our body and we can literally hold ourselves from birthing.

In my experience of working with women during this time, I have developed a multilayered approach to encourage labour to progress. During the Shiatsu treatment, physical and emotional tensions are encouraged to release and specific acupressure points are accessed which can stimulate labour. Unlike medical inductions, accessing these acupressure points will not override your body's natural instinct. Shiatsu works by supporting the body to do what it needs to do. If your body is physically not quite ready to go into labour then it will not.

If appropriate for the individual, it may be useful to include some birth mentoring during the session to help your mind release negative perceptions. This could include some visualisations or NLP techniques.


In pregnancy, the quiet healing space gives the mother an opportunity to connect deeply with her baby.  A key underlying belief in Shiatsu is that pregnancy is seen as a healthy movement from womanhood to motherhood - a time where there is much potential for change, growth and personal development.  Shiatsu helps a woman keep in tune with her body and the changes she is experiencing, physically and emotionally, which may promote a greater feeling of empowerment.



Shiatsu Workshop for Women and Birth Partners

Being able to help your partner in a practical way during the pregnancy and birth is an amazing bonding experience

During this 2 hour workshop, you and your birth partner will learn practical ways to support you during pregnancy and labour. We will cover:

How to give a Shiatsu massage for general relaxation and also during the different stages of labour. You will be shown a number of acupressure points that can ease the intensity of labour and the conditions that are often experienced by birthing women such as nausea, fatigue, fear,pain of contractions... This treatment can be given both in hospital and at home.
 -  Optimal Positions for labour
- Labour Etiquette
-   Pain Coping Practices

This workshop may be taken privately or in a group. 

Other Birth Preparation Workshops which include learning a Shiatsu routine can be found at