Natural Facial Rejuvenation

See your face light up as tensions are soothed away
Natural Facial Rejuvenation @ Shiatsu Space is a wonderfully nourishing and revitalising treatment for the face, neck and shoulders. The treatment acts like a natural facelift without the need for surgery or needles! Organic jojoba oil is usually used although you may prefer to bring your own face cream or use none at all.


In Traditional Oriental Medicine, half of the energy channels that run throughout the body start or finish on the face. By working at both a deep and superficial level along these channels on the face, neck and shoulders, the Practitioner is able to encourage the release of deep-seated muscular tensions and help restore the energetic balance throughout the whole body. This sense of relaxation and vitality will automatically be reflected on our outside face to the world.



You may see some of the following benefits after receiving one treatment. To fully appreciate the benefits, a series of six treatments is recommended, weekly or fortnightly, perhaps with monthly maintenance treatments thereafter.
reduces facial wrinkles
improves complexion
tones facial muscles
releases muscular tension in face, neck and shoulders
increases skin elasticity
reduces eye bags and puffiness
improves blood circulation
stimulates lymphatic flow and elimination of toxins
promotes cell rejuvenation
creates brighter, more alert eyes
relieves symptoms including headaches, eye ache, sinus problems, tinnitus, dizziness, anxiety, insomnia