About Me

My introduction to Shiatsu was whilst I was studying for my final Chartered Accountancy exams (a lifetime ago!). I was experiencing some of the classic symptoms of stress - insomnia, anxiety, muscular tensions and an inability to focus coupled with feeling down a lot of the time. I knew I had to regain some balance in my life.

My search led me to Shiatsu.When I came for my first treatment, it was immediately obvious that this was more than just a relaxing massage, but a treatment that had begun to address my personal health and sense of wellbeing on a profound level.

That experience set me on a path very different to the one I had started on. The more I discovered about Shiatsu, the more the idea of becoming a Shiatsu Practitioner resonated. It felt like I was coming home. In over 15 years of experience as a Shiatsu Practitioner, I continue to be passionate about being able to help others experience positive change within their lives.

-   Fully qualified Shiatsu Practitioner

-   Registered with the Shiatsu Society (UK)

-   Extensive 3 year Shiatsu Practitioners qualification from Shiatsu College

-   Diploma (Part I/II/III) in 'Shiatsu for Maternity'.

-  16 years professional Shiatsu experience

-   Qualified Life Coach

 -  Birthing from Within Childbirth Mentor www.birthways.co.uk

I have given Shiatsu in a variety of settings including Greenwich Natural Health Centre, Immune Development Trust, Active Birth Centre, The Treasury, Corporate events, Pamper Evenings and school events. In addition I have run a variety of Shiatsu Workshops and recently trained hairdressers to give a signature Shiatsu head massage to their clients.

I currently offer Shiatsu from my home clinic in Bickley, Bromley; to corporates and events and also offer home visits.













Edwina Cheng MRSS